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King Midget Commuter

In 1969, the company's assets were sold to Barthman Corporation, led by Vernon D. Eads. Eads tried desperately to revive King Midget. He designed and built the King Midget commuter, a molded fiberglass bodied, dune buggy type automobile, for an American export show and eventual production. He attempted to start a licensing operation in both Florida and Canada. A fire at the fiberglass plant destroying 13 bodies and the mold, monetary costs of the required new Federal crash test program, and diminishing demand for the automobile, caused Eads to stop making King Midget. Ironically, Eads as a college student, had worked as a consultant for Midget Motors during development of the second model. Eads' long-standing interest nurtured the hope that he one day could again build King Midget.