International King Midget Car Club


King Midget Junior

Sometime in the 1950’s, Midget Motors developed the King Midget Junior and, later, the King Midget Trainer. Neither had a body; that was left to the imagination of the owner. The Junior had an overall width of 32 inches. Wheelbase is adjustable at either 42 or 47 inches. Overall length then is 67 ½ inches or could have been cut down to 60 inches with the shorter wheelbase. It has a raised tubular steel frame around the front and rear, and fenders over the wheels. Both models have square tubular steel frame construction. The Trainer is larger and doesn’t have the raised steel frame around the front. Its overall width is 35 inches with a 50 inch wheelbase and overall length of 72 inches. The Junior was powered by a 2 ½ h.p. Briggs & Stratton engine; the Trainer a 3 h.p. Briggs & Stratton. They both had an automatic clutch with a geared, reverse transmission in the drive train. They were discontinued sometime in the early sixties.