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Yahoo Groups - King Midget Fans

King Midgets West Publishing

The Original Model III Car was Not A Telsa

The Parts Geek - History of the Automobile



Additions and Updates

You can download additions and updates to your SHOP NOTES manual here as they are published in King Midget News. They're in PDF format, assuring the formatting survives and is easy to download. Each update is listed separately, including publication date and title. Just click on the title to download, then print, punch and add to the proper section of your book. As of fall, 2018 King Midget News includes properly formatted Shop Notes pages you can remove and add directly to your manual, if you prefer. Make a note in your copy of the table of Contents so you can find each easily. By adding these files, you can keep your manual up-to-date.
In addition to 50+ update articles for the manual, the downloads include the following files you may find useful:


Periodic updates of the Table of Contents, adding and cross referencing newer articles to help keep your manual tidy and useful. 

A sheet that briefly names each section, two sided. Print, cut, fold and insert them in tab sheets from a stationer to help find sections easily. 

A file you can download and print for the spine of your three-ring binder if you wish.

An extra copy of the cover you can print for your three-ring binder if you use one of those that accepts inserts.

Revisions and updates to MAKE DRIVING FUN AGAIN The King Midget Club Special. These files are preceded by an "X" below.

Additions and Updates
4/14/17      A-14 M2 Owners Manual Part 2.pdf 
4/14/17      A-14 Model 2 Owners Manual.pdf 
4/14/17      A-16 Production Estimate.pdf 
10/7/17      A-17 Model A Midget.pdf 
2/24/19      A-18 M2 Hood Ornaments.pdf
4/15/19      A-19 As Built 64 Model III
Fall 2019    A-20 Reproduction Estimate
4/14/17      B-19 Cleaning porta-walls and whitewalls.pdf 
4/14/17      B-20 Dressing Up Wheels.pdf 
4/14/17      B-21 Polishing Your King Midget.pdf 
4/14/17      B-22 Dash light.pdf 
10/7/17      B-23 Reducing Oil Mess.pdf 
4/4/18        B-24 King Midget Gloss.pdf 
4/14/17      C-23 Wooden Doors.pdf 
4/14/17      C-24 Simpler Hood Opening.pdf 
10/7/17      D-17 Brake Mistakes.pdf 
3/3/19        D-18 M2 Brake Cables.pdf
4/14/17      E-11 Clutch Pulley Modifications.pdf 
1/23/18      E-12 Clutch Revision.pdf 
4/14/17      F-5 Comet 40 Maintenance.pdf 
9/4/18        F-6 Alignment and Adjustment.pdf 
4/14/17      G-13 Support Power Train.pdf 
4/14/17      G-14 Breaking Drive Shafts.pdf 
4/15/19      G-15 That Pesky Gear Shift.pdf 
10/7/17      G-16 Transmissions Again.pdf 
10/7/17      H-15 Brake Lights.pdf 
1/23/18      H-16 Multiple Wiring Challenges.pdf 
4/14/17      I-19 M3 Tie Rod Replacement.pdf 
4/14/17      I-20 More on Steering Wheel Repair.pdf 
4/14/17      I-21 Alternate Front Strut Repair.pdf 
4/14/17      I-22 Steering Boxr.pdf 
4/14/17      I-23 Camber.pdf 
4/14/17      I-24 Steering Letter.pdf 
4/14/17      I-25 Tightening a Front End.pdf 
4/14/17      I-26 Bent Axles.pdf 
1/23/18      I-27 Front Spring Attachment.pdf 
4/4/18        I-28 Letter Broken Front Strut.pdf 
4/14/17      J-14 Speedometer Accuracy.pdf 
4/14/17      J-15 Dead Speedometer.pdf 
4/14/17      J-16 M3-Engine Cradle.pdf 
10/7/17      J-17 Another Dead Speedometer.pdf 
1/23/18      J-18 Dustcap Mystery.pdf 
1/23/18      J-19 Rear Suspension Cradle.pdf 
4/4/18        J-20 Clamp on Cell Phone Mount.pdf 
4/15/19      J-21 Tension Rod Brackets 
4/14/17      L-14 Kohler Oil Leaks.pdf 
4/14/17      L-15 Kohler starter bracket.pdf 
9/4/18        L-16 High Mount Starter.pdf 
9/4/18        L-17 Timing Pointer.pdf 
4/14/17      M-10 M3 Tail Light Innovation.pdf 
4/14/17      M-11 Folding M2 Tops.pdf 
4/14/17      M-12 Tthe Chonda Revolution.pdf 
9/4/18        M-13 Tonneau Cover.pdf 
4/14/17      N-34 More Parts.pdf 
4/14/17      N-35 Gas Caps.pdf 
4/14/17      O-1968 Manual.pdf 
12/17/14    Shop Notes Cover.pdf 
12/17/14    Shop Notes Title.pdf 
4/14/17      Tabs.pdf 
2/3/19        X-44 Reverse Handle.pdf 
2/3/19        X-46 Reverse Drive Assembly.pdf 
2/3/19        X-47 Reverse Drive Adapter.pdf 
Fall 2019    X-48 MG Repro.pdf 
2/3/19        X-Make Driving Fun Again Addition 1.pdf 
4/14/17      contents March 17.pdf 
5/15/17      contents May 16.pdf 
4/9/16        contents Sept 16.pdf