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King Midget Scooter

Sales of Model 1 King Midget kits augmented two other ongoing Midget Motors businesses: The MIDGET MOTORS Directory and Midget Motors motor scooter manufacturing and sales. The Directory was a bi-monthly booklet which advertised government surplus materials, like wheels, tires and bearings, along with used engines of different make and size. Midget Motors manufactured the Super-Cycle motor scooter. It came in two models: the Deluxe and the Highway-Master. The Deluxe was powered by a 2 ΒΌ h.p. engine and it would go about 35 m.p.h.; the Highway-Master, a 6 horsepower model, cruised comfortably about 45-50 m.p.h. Both of them would carry two people and had a built-in package compartment. Directory and motor scooter sales continued into the early sixties as King Midget became the primary Midget Motors product.