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Announcements from King Midgets West 

First, a new King Midget book. It has been ten years since the introduction of KING MIDGET The Story of Americaís Smallest Dream Car. During that decade, more lost information has been found by fans such as Richard Arnold and family. Some of that material has been published in King Midget News. Now itís available in book form. Some 120 illustrations are accompanied by the history of Midget Motors condensed into a short enjoyable read. Even well informed fans will gain further understanding of how our favorite car came to be. 

Americaís Microcar

A History of the King Midget in Pictures
Bob Vahsholtz

Second, this small inexpensive book is going to be distributed far and wide by its publisher, Olde Milford Press. That company was founded and built by Pat Foster, Americaís strongest advocate for the nationís independent auto makers. Pat is author of 31 books on the subject and a regular columnist for Hemmings Classic Car magazine. Heís written many articles, including several on King Midgets and has been the King Midget Westís largest retailer for a decade. 

In 2017 a transition began. Olde Milford Press is taking over publishing, wholesaling and retailing of King Midget books, and will keep them in print. Royalties to the Club will continue. More importantly, as the major voice of the independent car companies, Pat can do much to spread the King Midget word! 

To make the transition smooth and efficient, publications will be phased from King Midgets West to Olde Milford Press as inventories are depleted, with some overlap. Currently the publications and their sources include: 

Americaís Microcar                                            King Midget
A History of the King Midget in Pictures                                The Story of Americaís Smallest Dream

Make Driving Fun Again                                        Shop Notes
                      The King Midget Club Special                          King Midget Maintenance and Restoration

King Midget
                                                         Model 1 Plans
The Story of Americaís Smallest Dream
Car                         The Construction of the Original Model 1

Shop Notes                                                           King Midget

King Midget Maintenance and Restoration                           The Search for Model 1s

Back in print soon:

King Midget
A Historical Scrapbook

King Midget
The Lost Archives

Olde Milford Press                                              King Midgets West
P.O. Box 5342                                                      866 Pine View Drive

, Connecticut 06460                                 Arroyo Grande, California 93420
www.oldemilfordpress.com                                 www.kingmidgetswest.com


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