As a service to our members and friends, The International King Midget Car Club, Inc. presents the following classified ads.

To place a “for sale” ad, you must be a current member of the club. Membership is not required for ads “wanting to purchase” a King Midget. Each ad will run for 2 months or until we are notified that the item has been sold. Use the link below to remove your ad when part or item is sold or when vehicle purchased. Removal notification must be from the same email address as when the ad was placed. If you would like the ad to run longer, you must resubmit it after 2 months.


WANTED: Needed a running or fixable Wisconsin AENLD engine to fit my 1958 King Midget.  My Block is destroyed but I have Carb, starter and all etc. pieces.  Or someone who can give advice on a Briggs Vanguard installation.  I live in NW Washington and travel to Central Washington regularly, and would like to view someone’s running car, and get some advice! Call Earl in the WA area at 360-305-9140 or email me at

WANTED: I am looking for King Midget Parts. Call Richard at 440-285-9475 or email me at

WANTED: I would like to buy a King Midget that needs a little work. I don’t want to hock the farm. If anybody knows of one please give a call. Thanks Bill. Call Bill at 419-234-2826 or email me at

WANTED: Willing to trade nice working jukebox for a good running King Midget. Must be located near the Illinois area. E-mail for photos of jukebox. Call Reed at 630-248-1563 or email me at

WANTED: Looking for restorable Model II or Model III. $3000 or less. Contact Wendy at 803-448-8824 or by email:

WANTED: Complete King Midget Model III clicker clutch assembly and transmission. Must be functional but not necessarily restored. Call Steven in New Berlin, WI at (262) 442-3066 or email: (preferred).

WANTED: Looking to purchase a carb, Zenith(?) for an AENLD Wisconsin 9.2 engine. Call Bernie at (862)-271-7149 or email:

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